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    Confirm Alito! October 31st, 2005

    Confirm Alito Coalition

    This nomination of Samuel Alito is definitely one to support. If the ultra-liberal congresscritters want to try a filibuster, I urge the conservative congresscritters to use that “nuclear option.”

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    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! October 31st, 2005




    Go get dressed up in a cool, creepy or just plain goofy costume.

    Goofy costume guy


    You never know who’s going to be out there.

    Tor the Mailman


    Have an enjoyable halloween and don’t eat too much candy!

    Ghost dogs


    If you do eat too much candy, you might get sick and look like this

    Ugly pumpkin

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    Happy Halloween 2005! October 30th, 2005

    Collies in costume

    I know it’s a day early, but if you’re planning on taking the little ones out to trick-or-treat, be safe. If you plan on going to a costume party, be safe. If you plan on drinking and driving, don’t!

    Collies in costume


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    On Collecting Wrestling Masks October 29th, 2005

    Wrestling masks made by Iron Mike Woody

    People who know me also know that one of my passions is watching professional wrestling. They also know that I come from a family of collectors and I have collections of various things like soda bottle caps (Nehi, Barq’s, etc.), hockey jerseys, CD’s and one of my most unique collections; professional wrestling masks.

    So it was nice to see my favorite mask maker “Ironman” Mike Woody back on ebay with a great selection of his creations. The masks you see above are just a few examples of his outstanding work. I’ve been collecting wrestling masks for several years now and frankly, Mr. Woody’s are some of the finest I have seen. Through ebay, I’ve managed to acquire several masks including pro-grade replicas of some of my favorite masked wrestlers (like Mil Mascaras, the Assassin, Rey Mysterio, Jr., the Masked Superstar, the Grappler, the Spoiler, etc.) as well as some very cool original designs.

    Collecting professional wrestling masks is an unusual hobby in the U.S., but in Mexico and Japan it’s more common. In fact, at shows in Mexico as well as in Central and South America, masks are sold as souvenirs like t-shirts are sold at shows in the U.S.

    There are three basic levels of quality in regards to wrestling masks – pro, semi-pro and commercial. Pro quality masks are the masks the wrestlers use in the ring. They are created to hold up during ring use and abuse. They normally have double-stitching with liners to give seams extra support. The materials used tend to be of heavier and highest quality. Stitching on the face patterns are tight and consistent. Pro masks also are custom-fitted for the wearer. Semi-pro masks look very similar to pro quality masks but usually are single stitched at the seams with lighter weight fabrics. The face pattern stitching tends to be a little less consistent, but pretty good. These masks tend to be made in standard sizes and are intended for fan use. If you want a very good looking mask for less cost than pro quality masks then this is the choice I would recommend. Commercial masks tend to be the bottom line choice. They are usually made from cheap materials with a foam lining. Stitching overall varies from mediocre to poor and face patterns usually are sloppier than pro and semi-pro. These masks are made in mass quantities and are the ones most commonly sold at lucha libre shows. If you are serious or even interested in collecting professional wrestling masks, I really recommending avoiding commercial grade masks.

    I know that some people are going to think this hobby of mine is weird and may picture me as some fetish freak. Definitely not true. Frankly, the only time of the year I ever wear a mask from my collection is at Halloween (as a teen, I wore a wrestling masks each year for Mardi Gras as well as Halloween but that’s about it). One year I wore one of Mike Woody’s Rey Mysterio, Jr. masks he made for me and got a great reaction from the trick-or-treaters. Another year I wore a classic Mil Mascaras mask Mike made for me and not only got great reaction from the kids, but a lot of their parents recognized it and let me know it. I feel collecting the masks I have gotten over the years is a harmless outlet for one of my passions and is no stranger than when I collected coins and BSA council strips or my current collection of old soda bottle caps. I enjoy it and that’s really all that matters, right?

    Anyway, if you are interested in starting a collection. Searching on ebay is a good start. If you’d like a custom mask, I suggest emailing Mike at for information.

    Chill Out, Carl! October 28th, 2005


    I’ve noticed that in my past couple of entries, the topics have been things that have made me angry. I wanted to blog for fun not to cause a rise in my blood pressure. So I’ve come to the following decision: for a while, I’m going to attempt to avoid posting about things that aggravate me. Politics. Mainstream media. Liberal wackos. Conservative wackos. Michael Jackson. Jesse Jackson. Etc.

    Instead, I think for a couple of days I’m going to focus on some things I am passionate about: music, sports, pro-wrestling, guitars, etc.

    But I make no promises.

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    Deceit By Omission October 28th, 2005

    I urge every person who visits to read this very enlightening piece on Michelle Malkin’s blog showing how the New York Times manipulates things for their own agenda. Just another reason why the NY Times disgusts me.

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    Political Correctness Run Amok October 24th, 2005

    Piggy Bank

    First it was Piglet, now piggy banks…

    Some banks in Great Britain are no longer giving out piggy banks because they are afraid it might offend Muslims.

    What’s next? Ban the HOGETTES?


    Redskin fans wouldn’t stand for it.

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    Da Crusher October 23rd, 2005

    Reggie 'The Crusher' Lisowski

    Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski

    Reggie Lisowski passed away last night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You may not know Reggie by his given name, but long time wrestling fans the world over know “The Crusher.” I remember seeing pictures of him teaming with his longtime tag partner Richard “Dick The Bruiser” Afflis in wrestling magazines when I was a kid. I never had the opportunity to see him wrestle on TV back then and frankly the only time I did see him wrestle was on a videotape of classic matches of the past. Those guys were truly impressive. I truly believe if they were wrestling today in their prime, they would be just as big stars as they were back in the 50’s and 60’s. Bigger even! The sole match I watched on that videotape reminded me of the legendary “Minnesota Wrecking Crew” team of Gene and Ole Anderson.

    One other interesting bit of trivia about “The Crusher” is that I know of two songs about him (that incidentally I have in my collection). One is by The Novas and was written in 1964. The other isn’t directly about him but more about someone imagining himself being “The Crusher” and going against “The Russian Bear” in the ring. It’s also called “The Crusher” and is on the Ramones CD “Adios Amigos.”

    There is a very nice tribute article about Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski at Slam! Wrestling and also an informative article about him from the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

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    2005 Hurricane Facts October 22nd, 2005

    I just received the following in an email from Ray Hawthorne, one of WCTV’s meteorologists:

    At 5 PM Saturday, Tropical Storm Alpha formed south of Puerto Rico. This event is significant because a) we have now broken the all-time record for the number of named storms in an Atlantic Hurricane Season since records have been kept for over 100 years and b) we have started the Greek alphabet since we have no more names in the original list. Alpha is the 22nd named storm of the season.

    Less than a week ago, Wilma tied the record for number of named tropical storms in a season and also tied the record for number of hurricanes in a season. Alpha is not forecast to become a hurricane, but any additional hurricanes this season would also break that record. Of course, Wilma also holds the record for the most intense storm on record — a minimum central pressure of 882 millibars was measured by a recon plane shortly before 5 AM Wednesday morning, October 19.

    Wilma was the third category 5 storm this season. That also ties the record for the number of category 5 storms in any one season. It is possible that Emily will be upgraded to a category 5 hurricane during a post-season analysis. We won’t know any more details about that until much later.

    Additional notes about this season (and I could be missing some…)

    -Most number of storms in June to form since 1986 (2)
    -Earliest category 4 storm ever to form (Dennis, July)
    -2 *LANDFALLING* hurricanes in Florida (Dennis and Katrina)
    -3 hurricane STRIKES in Florida (Dennis, Katrina and Rita). Even though the eye of Rita did not move on top of Key West, it will be considered a “strike”. By definition, a strike is when the eye of the storm comes within 65 nautical miles of land…and Rita will satisfy that requirement.
    -6 *LANDFALLING* hurricanes in Florida since the start of the 2004 Hurricane Season
    -7 hurricane *STRIKES* in Florida since the start of the 2004 Hurricane Season

    Please note: If Wilma makes landfall as a hurricane in Florida — which is expected — then we will have 8 hurricane *STRIKES* in the last two seasons combined in FL (4 this year and 4 last year).

    Please note the proper terminology. I hope this is helpful (or at least informative) to you all. I will try to compile additional records as I come across them.

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    The Big Horn October 20th, 2005

    Imagine pulling up behind some slow-moving vehicle or someone who won’t go when the light is green and letting them have it with THIS!

    The Big Horn vehicle

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    Saints Moving? Say it ain’t so, Tom! October 18th, 2005

    New Orleans Saints helmet

    From The Times-Picayune Newspaper via

    For seven weeks, the Saints have been a guest in San Antonio.

    Now the city’s mayor wants to make the move permanent.

    “I think Tom Benson would like to stay here permanently and I, as mayor of San Antonio, would like to have the team stay here permanently,” Phil Hardberger told the San Antonio Express-News on Sunday.

    Hardberger also said that Benson has agreed to participate in discussions at the end of the season on moving the team from New Orleans.

    You can read the rest of the article here.

    For the past couple of years, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson has explored the possibility of moving the NFL franchise elsewhere outside of New Orleans. In the past, there was never a very good option but recently both San Antonio and L.A. have expressed interest in the team moving to their city. However since Hurricane Katrina forced the Saints to play their homegames outside of New Orleans, San Antonio officials have really lobbied Benson to move the team there. This time, with the old New Orleans Superdome damaged from the hurricane and no guarantee it will even be properly fixed, it looks like this might be the impetus for a move.

    Benson has always been a “bottom line” type owner with little to no respect for the fans who have supported the team for years. This has caused him to receive major criticism from New Orleans officials in past years. Current speculation is that NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue will most likely be the main obstacle for any move proposal Tom Benson makes. However in my opinion, if Benson does decide to move the team to San Antonio he will most likely get the approval of 24 of the league’s 32 members (an NFL requirement) and somehow convince Tagliabue to approve it.

    Now if this move happens, I sincerely hope that the NFL and Paul Tagliabue refuse to allow Benson to keep the name “Saints” since the name is so closely associated with the city of New Orleans. Such a decision is not unprecendented with the chief example being the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore in 1996. The team was not allowed to keep the name “Browns” and became the Baltimore Ravens (a reference to Edgar Allen Poe who lived in Baltimore). Eventually an expansion franchise was granted to the city of Cleveland and the Browns were resurrected.

    Also if the move occurs, the city would be without an NFL franchise for the first time since New Orleans was granted a franchise team in 1967 (named the Saints). I predict that if the move does occur, New Orleanians will protest it but will not miss Tom Benson especially since relations between the Saints owner and fans have been strained at best for years. I also predict that if the move does occur, the city will be without NFL football for a time, but there will be an organized effort to bring a replacement NFL franchise to New Orleans which, when successful, will be official named “the Saints.”

    And who knows, it just might be the thing to bring a Super Bowl championship to New Orleans in the long run.

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    On Patriotism October 16th, 2005

    While surfing the ‘net, I came across a blog called “Six Meat Buffet” and an entry that contained a very good definition of patriotism from an unlikely source…wrestling manager extraordinaire James E. Cornette.

    This is from the blog entry from Six Meat Buffet:

    Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette, commentating during a 1986 NWA television tag-team match, as The Midnight Express (“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and “Sweet” Stan Lane) beat the living snot out of prelim bums George South and Cougar Jay, uttered these words about America….

    “Not only are we givin’ these boys a you-know-what-kickin’, but we’re instilling in them a little patriotism – a little honor and pride in their country. A country that makes everybody in it great, by virtue of the fact that anybody who’s tough enough and bad enough can do anything that they want to do and can’t nobody stop ‘em.”

    You know, when it’s all said and done, Mr. Cornette has a point. A good point.

    Thanks Six Meat Buffet!

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    FEMA Explained October 13th, 2005

    Let me explain so even morons can understand…

    F.E.M.A. = F.U.B.A.R.

    Get it? Got it? Good!

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    R.E.M. Reunites! October 13th, 2005

    (left to right) Michael Stipe, Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills - circa 1997

    Okay…so they haven’t reunited permanently, but the original four (Michael Stipe, Bill Berry, Peter Buck & Mike Mills) decided on the spur of the moment apparently to perform at the wedding of R.E.M. guitar tech Dewitt Burton. They played a seven-song set at Kingpins Bowl & Brew in Athens, Georgia on October 8th. That was very nice of them. R.E.M. remains one of my favorite artists.
    (left to right) Peter Buck, Michael Stipe, Bill Berry & Mike Mills after performing for Dewitt Burton's wedding in Athens, GA - Oct. 8, 2005

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    USS Cole October 12th, 2005

    USS Cole Memorial graphic

    Today marks the 5th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the USS Cole that took place in the Yemeni port of Aden. Please keep those who lost their lives onboard for their country in your thoughts today.

    Closeup of damaged hull of the USS Cole in 2000

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