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    Click for Tallahassee, Florida Forecast

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    Katrina Foretold By The Meters? November 30th, 2005

    Fire On The Bayou by The Meters

    I just read an interesting article by Richard Hart entitled “Funk Prophecy.” It’s about his discovery of how the lyrics from The Meters’ album “Fire On The Bayou” can be interpreted as prophesying Hurricane Katrina and the devastation of New Orleans. I suspect he is being a bit tongue-in-cheek about it and some of his interpretations are a bit of a stretch, but he did pick a great album by a great group. I’ve got most all of The Meters albums on CD thanks to Sundazed Music (which according to their website is the “CD and vinyl reissue home of the most amp-melting rock ‘n’ roll, reverb-drenched surf guitar, swivel-hipped rockabilly, mindbending psychedelic sounds, string-popping country music, ultra-suave jazz, fuzz-damaged garage rock and chart-topping pop in the known universe”). I love music by The Meters, the funkmasters of New Orleans.

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    Orleans Levee Board Investigated November 30th, 2005

    New Orleans levee break

    A Senate investigatory committee has requested the Orleans Levee Board to submit records covering a wide range of subjects dating all the way back to 1989 according to a New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper article. This Senate committee also requested records from Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin in regards to their responses to Hurricane Katrina as well as documents from Army Corps of Engineers, the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, the Coast Guard, and the mayors of Mobile, Ala., and Biloxi and Gulfport in Mississippi.

    This investigation intends to be a very thorough one and judging by the sheer number of documents requested will take a rather lengthy time to reach any conclusions. I anticipate the results of the investigation, if done properly and thoroughly, will expose plenty of political corruption and reveal many scandals.

    Stay tuned. This is going to be interesting to say the least.

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    Another reason to boycott Sony CD’s November 29th, 2005

    Song BMG Hurts PC's

    I just read this article about MediaMax, a CD DRM system used by Sony-BMG on their CD’s. This article explains how the program is installed whether you want it to or not whenever you play any CD containing the DRM. It also mentions that other record companies are using it as well. I’d like to know which ones so as to avoid purchasing those CD’s. If anyone happens to know where such a list exists, please leave a comment with the URL. J. Alex Halderman of Princeton University has written a very detailed analysis of the MediaMax CD3 Copy-Prevention System.

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    Pat Morita – R.I.P. November 26th, 2005

    Pat Morita

    I read that actor and comedian Pat Morita passed away Thursday at age 73. Although most remember his roles as Mr. Miyagi in the “Karate Kid” series of movies or as Arnold, the owner of the malt shop/restaurant in earlier seasons of “Happy Days” he actually began his entertainment career as a stand-up comic. I did see one of his TV appearances doing stand-up once many years ago and I remember how funny his material was and how unlike his television series persona. Although he was nominated for an Oscar for the original “Karate Kid” movie, he lost to Haing S. Ngor, who appeared in “The Killing Fields.”

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    The Darleen’s Place blog has an account of political correctness run amuck. This time via the United States Postal Service. Darleen tells about finding out that the USPS has decided to go PC in regards to Christmas. Forshame!More Insane Political Correctness November 25th, 2005

    Madonna & Child Postage Stamp

    The Darleen’s Place blog has an account of political correctness run amuck. This time via the United States Postal Service. Darleen tells about finding out that the USPS has decided to go PC in regards to Christmas. Forshame!

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    Another Hurricane Katrina Media Myth Exposed… November 25th, 2005


    …and this one may cause major problems for the New Orleans Police Department. One incident that was widely reported by the major media outlets as fact was the story of several snipers on the Danziger Bridge supposedly keeping relief contractors from rescuing helpless victims. Turns out the report was false and what actually happened may turn out to be bad news for the NOPD. The Los Angeles Times has this report on the incident. What interests me are the descriptions of two individuals who were shot by police. One of those killed was mentally disabled who made a rare foray from home in a desperate effort to find relief from the flood. One shooting victim who survived claims officers shot him for no reason and that the final shot was from point-blank range after he was already down.

    Normally I give complete benefit of the doubt to police on matters like this but given the checkered past of the NOPD (which I give a couple of examples in an earlier post) and the extremely chaotic situations following Hurricane Katrina I find the accusations plausible and worthy of detailed investigations by parties outside of the NOPD. The L.A. Times article presents disturbing accounts of what allegedly occurred. I truly hope that any and all investigations into this reveal the truth and those responsible held accountable.

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    HAPPY THANKSGIVING! November 24th, 2005


    Roast Turkey

    I hope each and every one of you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

    Roast Turkey

    Don’t eat too much.

    Roast Turkey

    And for all the vegetarians out there…I’ve heard turkeys make great pets.

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    Cheney and the X-Factor November 23rd, 2005

    CNN Screencapture

    I’ve read a lot lately about the incident when a large X appeared briefly over CNN video of Dick Cheney making a speech. I’ve also read a lot of missives where people are accusing CNN of doing this on purpose. I’ve read some conspiracy theories that go even further.

    However until I see solid evidence to the contrary, I’m sticking with Occam’s Razor and will accept the explanation that it was a foul-up by some poor schmuck who most likely pressed a wrong button or some equipment having an electronic hiccup.

    Oh, by the way, I do have television broadcast experience and know how easy it is for some master control operator to press the wrong button or a technical director set up layered video with an incorrect element during live coverage. My theory? Judging by the font partially seen at the bottom, I think the black X is there to remind a font op to not put any font where the X indicates otherwise the font would be over video where it is not supposed to go. And while the font op was preparing something during Cheney’s speech, a technical director accidentally downstream keyed the font over the existing video, noticed his mistake and immediately took it out. We have a similar set-up at the television station where I work and if the board is “hot” (e.g. – active) it only takes one mental lapse to put something on air that isn’t supposed to be there.

    Even though I am no fan of CNN, from my personal experiences in television production I’m giving them a big benefit of the doubt.

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    Carl Boycotts Sony CD’s November 22nd, 2005

    Song BMG Hurts PC's

    I’ve been keeping up with the Sony/BMG rootkit fiasco via news organizations and various bloggers and frankly it’s just getting worse. Sony/BMG is still being evasive, arrogant, disingenuous and intrusive in their business practices in regards to their CD’s. Lawsuits against them are growing in number. And Sony/BMG has given no indication that they are going to change anything for the better in regards to the consumer. The boingboing blog has a good timeline of events in relation to this fiasco.

    Well, I for one have had quite enough. From this point on, I refuse to purchase any (and I mean ANY) CD bearing the Sony name regardless of whom the artist is. I urge all consumers to do the same. It is only when they realize their bottom line (e.g. – profits) will be affected adversely will they fix the monumental problem that they created. Frankly, I hope they lose each and every lawsuit brought against them over this issue.

    I know my personal boycott against this corporate giant doesn’t amount to a hill of beans but at least I have the personal satisfaction of knowing that: a) they will no longer receive a penny from me for CD’s and b) my computer will not be allowed to be opened up to hackers by their “inept-ware” (a co-worker’s term for it that I feel appropriate).

    And honestly I don’t know exactly how many people feel the same way I do and are also boycotting Sony CD’s. It actually might be enough to force a change for the better.

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    DVD Wish List November 21st, 2005

    Christmas is fast approaching and once again, something I would love to have on DVD isn’t going to be released. My alltime favorite television show, Frank’s Place which originally aired on CBS back in the late 1980’s still hasn’t been officially released on DVD although rumors have been flying of late that it eventually will. The amount of garbage shows being released on DVD is astounding but this quality television show still has not been put on DVD. It’s a monumental shame.

    Frank's Place

    For those unfamiliar with this shortlived show, it centered around a college professor from Boston who inherits a New Orleans restaurant from his father whom he hasn’t seen since he was two. The character of Frank Parish (played by Tim Reid) initially goes down to New Orleans to begin plans to sell the restaurant however eventually decides rather reluctantly to retain ownership and run the establishment. This delightful series effectively captured the flavor and essence of New Orleans life with a fantastic ensemble cast and outstanding writing. The series won several awards for excellence and garnered critical praise but CBS cancelled it after only one season. CBS always claimed it was due to low ratings, but network execs doomed the show from the start when they never allowed it to retain a consistent timeslot. In its nearly one year of airtime, CBS had it in five different timeslots effectively killing any chance it had of developing an audience.

    Another series both my wife and I would love to see officially released on DVD is the 1994 animated series “The Tick.” How can anyone truly describe this insane series? Basically take a 7-foot tall, 400 pound superhero who has the IQ of a wooden board, team him up with a chubby nebbish in a moth costume and make them protectors of “The City.” Then throw in a plethora of bizarre super villains and fellow super (and not-so-super) heroes. Combine with very over-the-top scripts and voila!…you have “The Tick.”

    The Tick

    This series ran on Fox from 1994 to 1997 and was pretty funny. I enjoyed the humor and in-jokes within each episode. Like “The Simpsons” and “King Of The Hill” it appealed to both children and adults. Unfortunately it didn’t last nearly as long as “The Simpson” and “King Of The Hill.”

    In 2001, Fox attempted to revive the show as a live-action comedy but it failed miserably in all aspects. It no longer was funny. The plots were miserable. And much of the cast didn’t fit the characters very well. But the live-action series which sucked gets officially released on DVD and the better animated series doesn’t? What’s up with that?

    Who knows, maybe one day both “Frank’s Place” and “The Tick” (animated series) will be officially released on DVD. Anything is possible.

    Another Example of Why the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is Hypocritical and Long Lost Touch With Reality November 21st, 2005

    If this weren’t so tragic and infuriating it might just be funny but instead is further evidence supporting the allegation that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is a collection of activist judges who wish to legislate their agendas from the bench. More details found al the Althouse blog. An article from the San Francisco Chronicle also gives some info.

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    Warren Community College’s radical Professor John Daly November 18th, 2005

    Here’s another example of liberalism hypocrisy in action. In this case a clearcut example of “freedom of speech for me and not for thee” in the world of academia. Read here about Warren Community College’s radical Professor John Daly who attacked a student in email, vowed to intimidate those students who host conservative speakers and called for American soldiers in Iraq to murder their superiors. The professor’s email can be read in its entirety unedited here.

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    A Simple Softball Story November 18th, 2005

    I just read this article about John Meeden, a homeless man in St. Louis, Missouri who apparently is a phenomenal senior softball player. It reads like a movie needs to be made based upon it. Take a moment to read it and see if you agree.

    Here’s something else written about him.

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    Bird Flu Strikes Florida! November 18th, 2005

    Bird Flu Hits Florida

    Bird Flu Strikes Florida!

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    White Trash Wednesdays November 17th, 2005

    Too funny! You have to check this out.

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