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    Click for Tallahassee, Florida Forecast

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    Eddie Guerrero To Be Inducted Into WWE HoF February 28th, 2006

    Eddie Guerrero

    It was announced that Eddie Guerrero will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 1st. The USA Network will air the ceremonies starting at 11pm Eastern time. I definitely want to watch and see what sort of montage or tribute will be shown in honor of Mr. Guerrero. While he was alive, he along with Rey Mysterio, Jr. were my two favorite WWE Superstars. I haven’t done so yet, but I plan on getting the DVD about Eddie Guerrero.

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    Nacho Libre Trailer February 28th, 2006

    I finally saw the online trailer for the Jack Black movie “Nacho Libre.” Mmmmmm……No.

    Nothing I saw in that trailer convinces me to shell out $8 per ticket to see it in the theater. I’ll wait until I can rent the DVD or see it on PPV.

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    Happy Fat Tuesday! February 28th, 2006


    For everyone in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama who traditionally have and currently are celebrating Fat Tuesday, I wish you are happy and safe MARDI GRAS!

    Additionally for those who are visiting the New Orleans area as well: don’t forget to stop by Cafe du Monde for some beignets and coffee!

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    Gastric Bypass Surgery Countdown February 27th, 2006

    This Thursday will be the day of my surgery. The closer it gets, the more apprehensive I become…but not about the surgery. “If not the surgery, then what about?” you ask. Well, I have this goofy, but powerful phobia of needles and getting stuck with them. I have to get bloodwork on Wednesday and then an IV put in early Thursday morning. I’ve never been able to go though things like that without turning into a babbling idiot in the process. It’s embarrassing…after it’s over. It’s not about being scared of pain…I’ve got a pretty high tolerance for pain…it’s something completely psychological that I’ve never been able to overcome. My parents have told me that I’ve had this problem all my life. Some tell me that I must have had a traumatic experience with needles at some point early on but my parents told me several times that nothing like that ever occured to their knowledge. Maybe one day I can find some psychotherapist who specializes in overcoming phobias to help me.

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    Don Knotts: 1924-2006 (R.I.P.) February 25th, 2006

    Don Knotts

    Don Knotts, one of America’s more beloved comic actors, passed away Friday evening at age 81 due to pulmonary and respiratory complications originating from lung cancer at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California. He was obviously best known at Deputy Barney Fife in the Andy Griffith Show. Co-star and close friend, Andy Griffith visited Don Knotts in the hospital shortly before he died. Knotts also had a film career, appearing in family-friendly films such as “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”, “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” and “The Apple Dumpling Gang.”

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    Darren McGavin: 1922-2006 (R.I.P.) February 25th, 2006

    Darren McGavin

    It was announced earlier today on Darren McGavin’s official website that the actor passed away. He was 83. He had a long movie career but was probably best known as the never-say-quit reporter Carl Kolchak in the TV show “The Night Stalker” and the vitriolic, yet buffoonish, father in the movie “A Christmas Story.” Part of the announcement read:

    It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Darren McGavin at approximately 7:10 A.M. Pacific time today, Saturday 25, 2006. Darren was just three months short of his 84th birthday.

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    McGavin and Knotts February 25th, 2006

    In the posts above, I wrote about the deaths of actors Don Knotts and Darren McGavin. I found out they starred together in the Walt Disney movie “No Deposit, No Return” which is about how two would-be safe-crackers “sort of” kidnap the two grandchildren of a millionaire. The ransom amount keeps getting smaller as the two children have the best vacation from boarding school ever with their two new friends. It’s one of the lesser known Disney movie and typical of the family friendly genre, but worthy of watching today. It’s available on DVD.

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    A Wonderful And True Basketball Story February 24th, 2006

    Read and watch the story of Jason McElwain, the manager of the varsity basketball team of Greece Athena High School in Rochester, N.Y who happens to be autistic. Click on the video from Steve Hartman marked “Team Manager Catches Fire” on the CBS site. I don’t know how long it will be there. However it’s a wonderful story. Do I see a movie in the work? There are plenty of news sites online that covered this.

    Incidentally, in my humble opinion, Steve Hartman does the most wonderful and touching human interest stories since the days of Charles Kuralt. He used to do a series that aired on CBS’s morning shows called “Everybody Has A Story” which I wish CBS would bring back and also release the best of the on DVD.

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    TOONOPHOBIA!!! February 23rd, 2006

    Offended? Too bad. Get over it.

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    Pig In Space February 20th, 2006

    Please visit this entry from Sean Gleeson for a good laugh. Good job, Sean!

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    EXTRA! EXTRA! Russian Newspaper Shut Down Over Cartoon Flap! February 20th, 2006

    If you are unable to interpret the above cartoon, let me do so for you: it shows Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Moses watching a crowd of clashing protesters on TV and Moses says, “We did not teach you that” As a result the municipal government in Volgograd decided to shut down the local newspaper for printing it. Let us see if this adds fuel to the radical Islamist fire.

    More info at Publius Pundit, the Gateway Pundit and Michelle Malkin’s blog.

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    And Now…Yet Another Musical Interlude. February 18th, 2006

    This is the latest CD from Chuck Brodsky and I feel it fits in with his prior CD’s well. Story songs about love, sports, relationships, philosophy and a little politics thrown in as well. I’ve first heard Chuck Brodsky’s music since I heard his song “Radio” on Whole Wheat Radio. I tend to gravitate towards his songs about sports and the people and events that have made their mark therein but that’s because I’m kind of a sports nut to begin with. However he finds many interesting and unique topics to sing about on his CD’s. For example his song “Mary The Elephant” is about the public hanging of Mary in Erwin, Tennessee in 1916 after she had killed Walter “Red” Eldridge after Red prodded her sensitive ear with a bull hook which caused her to become enraged.

    One very interesting song on the CD is “Death Row All-Stars” which is a true story of a Wyoming prison baseball team who could not only receive stays of execution with stellar play but also have their executions carried out due to poor play. Chuck Brodsky also gives credit to the book The Death Row All Stars by Chris Enss within the liner notes.

    Personally I find this CD to be another excellent example of Chuck Brodsky’s songwriting skills and definitely up to par with his prior great work.

    In an earlier post, I wrote about another CD by Teisco Del Rey and the story of how I initially thought it was a reissue of an LP originally released in the 60’s. Whereas Teisco Del Rey Plays Music For Lovers has elements of modern guitar slingers like Joe Satriani as well as classic guitar slingers like Link Wray, The Many Moods Of Teisco Del Rey stays more rooted within the classic 60’s guitar genres ranging from surf to spaghetti western to garage rock. In listening to “Ridin’ The Wind” I felt it could have come from the soundtrack of a Sergio Leone western. “Camel Walk” has a cool cameo from another artist I really like, Webb Wilder (whom I hope releases a new album soon). “The Wedge” is certainly played in tribute to the great Dick Dale and when Quentin Tarantino decides to make another action film, I hope someone turns him onto this song.

    Now with all the fine songs on this CD, one was hands down my favorite – “Storm Warning.” It’s a cover of the Mac Rebennack classic that I truly love. What? You’ve never heard of Mac Rebennack? Well, it’s not surprising since he’s better know by music lovers as Dr. John. Before he took the character of the night tripper, he was a session player mainly on guitar for several New Orleans labels. “Storm Warning” was originally on the Rex label in 1959 and Tesco Del Rey covers it well not only capturing the flavor and texture of the original but also giving it a modern breath as well. Clifford Scott’s tenor sax on this version really gives it that special essense which makes it my favorite on this CD. Overall, this is just an extremely cool CD.

    Me First And The Gimme Gimmes are a quirky band that plays pop, rock and r&b songs and even show tunes mostly from the 60’s and 70’s as if they were modern day new school-punk. In essense they are a cover band, but unlike most cover bands, they play it with tongue firmly planted in cheek. This is their “live” album in the form of a Bar Mitzvah. Included in the liner notes are pictures and commentary from “Jonny” himself. Over a rather clever concept but frankly it doesn’t come off as well as their earlier efforts. Still it’s an enjoyable CD. I wonder what the band plans on tackling with their next album.

    Incidentally, if anyone knows the make and model of the guitars shown on the CD cover, please email me with the info, especially any URL of the luthier. I’ve seen them before but can’t remember who makes them.

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    Even Yet Another Musical Interlude: Hawkwind February 18th, 2006

    I’ve been a science fiction reader since I was a little kid and one of the authors I particularly like back then was Michael Moorcock. I read an article about him in my teens and found about his involvement in a unique group called Hawkwind. I picked up an lp of theirs at a used record shop in New Orleans when I was kid (Warrior On The Edge Of Time if memory serves me correctly) and fell in love with the science fiction influenced rock. I made it a habit of looking for their lp’s anytime and every time I was in any used record shop. I managed to find several of their albums in the 70’s and when I started college in 1981, I played a lot of their songs on my show at the student-run college radio station. Periodically I’ll pick up a CD here and there and these are some I got recently. Hawkwind’s lineup has changed many, many times since their inception in the 1960’s but Dave Brock has been the most consistent member of the group. They are still performing today making them one of Britain’s longest-enduring heavy metal bands. The album Zones has my alltime favorite Hawkwind song “Running Through My Back Brain.”

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    Mike “Johnny Grunge” Durham – R.I.P. February 17th, 2006

    Ted “Rocco Rock” Petty [L] & Mike “Johnny Grunge” Durham [R]

    Mike Durham, known better as “Johnny Grunge” (one-half of the wrestling tag team “Public Enemy”) passed away Thursday morning in Atlanta reportedly due to complications from sleep apnea. He is thought to have been 39 years of age. Durham’s former tag-team partner died of a massive heart attack in September of 2002. I first saw the duo as “Public Enemy” back during their days in ECW. They fit into the hardcore style well and became fan favorites quickly. Some of their best feuds, in my opinion, were with teams with similiar styles like the Dudley Boyz, the Nasty Boys, the Gangstas and the Pitbulls. Apparently both men were well liked backstage with other wrestlers and connected with fans well. Public Enemy were also part of one of the most infamous moments in ECW history – after a victory over The Gangstas, Grunge & Rock invited the fans to celebrate with them in the ring, and the total weight caused the ring to collapse.

    Ted “Rocco Rock” Petty [L] & Mike “Johnny Grunge” Durham [R]

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    Land Of The Truly Demented And Hopelessly Deranged February 16th, 2006

    Gerardo Sandoval was on Hannity & Colmes on Fox Tuesday evening. You probably haven’t heard of him. So to enlighten you Sandoval is an elected official serving on the District 11 Board of Supervisors in San Francisco, California. Yeah, you remember good ol’ San Francisco don’t ya? The land of Rice A Roni as well as the land of granola – fruits, nuts & flakes. Well, Mr. Liberal himself, Alan Colmes asked Gerardo if the United States needed a military and Gerardo, in all sincerity, said “we don’t need the US Military.” When pressed further by a clearly shocked Colmes, Sandoval reiterated his anti-military position. When asked repeatedly as to how he believes the country could protect itself without the United States military, if it is attacked, Sandoval finally said that local police and fire departments could protect the cities. Is he truly confident in the SFPD and SFFD to protect him from terrorist attacks? Sandoval further said: “I am not in favor of a standing army.” Sandoval also claimed that many of his colleagues (other SF board of supervisors?) agree with him. I’d like a list of these wackos, please. The website has links to video and audio of this Sandoval fellow.

    Is Gerardo Sandoval truly clueless? Is he merely performing a stunt to garner publicity? Either way, he’s clearly off the deep end and very ignorant. It’s just yet another example of the fools who exist and migrate to that land of granola (e.g. – fruits, nuts and flakes) that is San Francisco, California.

    The strangeness that is San Francisco used to be charming and amusing but now it’s downright deranged and, if it grows, dangerous for the United States of America.

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