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Hillary Clinton Has Experience? Not!

Normally I don’t post much concerning politics because politics tends to disgust me and aggravate me to no end. However the following was sent to me in email and I felt it was something worthy to include on this blog. I don’t know who the author is, but the following two paragraphs make a great point.

In a news conference Deanna Favre announced she will be the starting QB for the Packers this coming Sunday. Deanna asserts that she is qualified to be starting QB because she has spent the past 16 years married to Brett while he played QB for the Packers. During this period of time she became familiar with the definition of a corner blitz, and is now completely comfortable with other terminology of the Packers offense. A survey of Packers fans shows that 50% of those polled supported the move.

Does this sounds idiotic and unbelievable to you? Well, Hillary Clinton makes the same claims as to why she is qualified to be President and 50% of democrats polled agreed. She has never run a City, County, or State. When told Hillary Clinton has experience because she has 8 years in the white house, Dick Morris stated “so has the pastry chef”.

Hillary Clinton

I cannot and will not support Hillary Clinton in any way, fashion or form. She’s untrustworthy and an avowed socialist who will cause great harm to the United States if she is elected President and especially combined with a Democratic Party controlled Congress. I won’t try to predict the outcome of the Presidential election nor either of the Primaries but I will predict that next year will expose U.S. citizens the most nasty, bitter, and vile campaigns in history. And frankly, I don’t relish that at all.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
BTW, crossed fingers as highlighted in the above photo is a military sign meaning “distress.” It is taught to military personnel to use when the enemy photographs them for propaganda purposes in situations they are coerced into. It is used to covertly signal that they were forced into the situation and did not engage in it voluntarily nor with support. So this soldier was obviously forced to shake Hillary’s hand in a planned photo-op and he successfully showed the world he didn’t want to do it.

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