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Barack ******* Obama: Arugula Snob

Obama -- arugula snob
Sort of says it all, don’t it?

For those who missed it originally, the arugula reference harkens back to an Obama speech where he decried the high price of arugula at a Whole Foods store in a small town in Iowa that he personally witnessed. Problem is, there is no Whole Foods store in the Iowa town town where he claimed to have witnessed the high arugula prices. Seems that the Democrats keep lying about their experiences and then whine, moan and complain when caught in the deception. They still hadn’t figured out that the corporate mainstream media can’t cover for them anymore and that people on the internet as well as other emerging sources are fact-checking their every claim.

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6 Responses to “Barack ******* Obama: Arugula Snob”

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  2. hahaha Says:


  3. mohammed Says:

    Yep, fact-checking.

    You’re a bafoon.

  4. Carl Says:

    Oh, mohammed, before you begin insulting people, learn how to properly spell “buffoon.” Otherwise you look like a buffoon. Thanks for playing from Minnesota.

  5. Tom Says:

    HAHA. are you kidding me! who cares, he probably saw it in a nearby town and just used it in his speach. Do you actually give a crap if he messed up on what town he saw a whole foods in!!!! he probably was thinking about more important isues: AKA the economy, which no republican obviously cares about. GO FIND A NEW HOBBY

  6. gibson Says:

    He is a screwup ALREADY! Obama stinks. He is screwing up our economy.



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