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What If…

We Can Only Wonder What It Would Have Been Like If Qualified People Were Armed And Ready To Defend Onboard Those Planes
We Can Only Wonder What It Would Have Been Like If Qualified People Were Armed And Ready To Defend Onboard Those Planes

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2 Responses to “What If…”

  1. David Says:

    “Qualified People”–who decides the qualifications? As soon as the government can license a right, it is no longer a right, regardless natural law, the Constitution, generations of history. OK, from very near the beginning of this country, natural rights and even Constitutionally guaranteed rights have been watered down by well-meaning folks into government-authorized licenses. Despite the desires of the Founders to insure that their rights as Englishmen were restored and preserved, meddlers have chipped away at our very real rights until we now have no more (often less) in practice than the circumstances that led the English Colonies in revolt against an abusive government.

    Washington, Jefferson, Sam Adams and their company must be rolling over in their graves.

    I’m too old to advocate revolution, but I sometimes wonder if it will take just that to recover the republic that was envisioned by the Founders. *sigh*

  2. Carl Says:

    Thanks for leaving the comment, David. To clarify, what I meant by “qualified people” are those who have been properly trained to handle a weapon under stressful situations specifically onboard a jet. Preferably, armed law enforcement and/or military. Both in civvies. I did not intend to make it appear that I was thinking of licensing nor taking away 2nd amendment rights. However being onboard a pressurized aircraft does present special situations that the average gun owner just does not have what I would consider proper training for such a situation.



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