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Another Hate-filled Preacher (And You Thought Jeremiah Wright Was The ONLY One?)

This is DR. (and I use that title quite loosely) James David Manning, Ph.D. (and I also use Ph.D. loosely as well) of Atlah (which apparently stands for “All The Land Anointed Holy”) World Ministries (“World” if Harlem in NYC is now considered the world). His website is comical in places and would be hilarious but Manning takes it all seriously. However Manning comes off more as a clown than a man of God. In fact, his background is suspect. For example, this so-called “Ph.D” (in philosophy) was received (nowhere does it say it was earned) from…get this, folks…

Atlah Theological Seminary!!!

Who founded Atlah Theological Seminary?

Why, James David Manning, of course.

Who currently runs Atlah Theological Seminary?

Why, James David Manning, of course.

So in essence, the clown James David Manning gave himself a Ph.D.!

I mentioned that areas of the ATLAH website are comical. An example is what is referred to as The Witch Doctor Project which states as some of its purposes:

We will seek to examine and expose the role of the witch doctors on the west coast of Africa in the selling of slaves to America. These representatives will be called to a state of repentance for the lies they have committed that have weakened the Black race. Unless this is done, the curse will remain on the African population.

The nation of Africa is facing tremendous obstacles that cannot be solved with money. We must remove the false leaders of the day like “The Magnificent Seven” – Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, T.D. Jakes, Louis Farrakan, Don King, and Cornell West – and replace them with men and women who will repent, and preach righteousness, and truth.

Witch doctors selling slaves? And what the heck does that got anything to do with Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, T.D. Jakes, Louis Farrakan, Don King, and Cornell West? And how the heck did Don King get on the list? His hair? I don’t think any rational person thinks of Don King as a “leader” of any sort except perhaps Don King leading Don King (and many not-so-intelligent boxers) to line Don King’s pockets with money.

Fortunately, not many people take Manning seriously. Some even take the time to make light of the clown.

Why anyone would give this clown any credibility by having them on radio or television talk shows is beyond me. Frankly, Manning’s scriptural exegesis is atrocious at best and frankly I’d like to know if even his alledged Master of Divinity Degree from Union Theological Seminary is legit and what specifically his alledged BA Degree from the College of New Rochelle was actually in. It’s not specified anywhere on the Atlah website. Was it in a challenging field such as…Phys. Ed.? I don’t think any intelligent, rational people would be impressed by his self-serving, yet woefully vague bio on the Atlah website. Most recently, Manning called Oprah Winfrey, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack ******* Obama “the Trinity of Hell.” Oprah and Wright, maybe…but Barry? No way! He’s the liberal’s golden child. An angel to save the country. A messiah to bring faith…change…hope…er…well…socialism. To me, James David Manning is about as legitimate as Fred Phelps in regards to being a man of God. Hmmm…steel cage match between Westboro Church and Atlah Ministry? Now there’s a Pay-Per-View!

Maybe it should be the Atlah World Circus ’cause James David Manning is definitely a clown.

[I formally apologize to professional and amateur clowns all over the world for unintentionally besmirshing the time-honored tradition of clowning by equating James David Manning with being a clown.]

A tip o’ the cap to Texas Fred’s for the heads up.

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13 Responses to “Another Hate-filled Preacher (And You Thought Jeremiah Wright Was The ONLY One?)”

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  11. dubyaimnot Says:

    Great work exposing this charlatan. Of course some whites are taking this guy serious to slam Obama.

  12. The Yankee Sailor Says:

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    The time has come to back up tough talk on Iran with action.

  13. nurzratchet Says:

    Before speaking of Reverend Manning, it’s important to mention another individual first, to put things into the proper perspective:

    On January 23rd 2008 on the Jeff Rense radio program, a man named Larry Sinclair made stunning claims about Senator Barack Obama. Sinclair claimed that in 1999 he met Barack Obama and Obama purchased and supplied him with cocaine. Sinclair also claims that he performed an oral sex act on the Senator and that the Senator smoked crack cocaine during the evening : “I smoked his pole, he smoked my crack”.

    Larry Sinclair has thus far failed to produce a single viable piece of evidence, yet is continuing to take advantage of every media outlet and communication medium in an attempt to extort money from Senator Obama. He has staged phoney press conferences, started numerous blogs, contacted all mainstream media outlets with his flimsy and fundamentally unverifiable accusations. Is it any wonder nobody in the mainstream media wants to risk their career and credibility covering this farce?

    Legally and morally, the burden is on Sinclair to prove his allegations, not on Obama to disprove them. Larry Sinclair knows this, but he is banking (quite literally) on the fact that the court of public opinion operates quite differently than a court of law, and isn’t making any substantial effort to prove his accusations.

    He knows that it’s hard to prove you DIDN’T do something, and is rallying the ignorant under this pretense to send him contributions (and any other number of other ‘fundraising’ activities of questionable legality). He’s got them so worked up that several of them are posting threats on his blog to kill Obama if he gets elected.

    And as if that weren’t enough, this so-called Reverend (Mr. Manning) seems to worship Larry Sinclair *more* than he would worship God. He supports Sinclair to the hilt (no pun intended) even though Sinclair is admittedly and openly homosexual, a drug user, a liar, a thief, and is clearly and unashamedly unrepentant.

    Manning, like Sinclair, is looking for 15 minutes of fame and a fatter pocketbook, and both are nuttier than a chipmunk’s poop.



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