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Some Funny And Entertaining Videos

To end your weekend on a high note and to help you ease your stress, here are some funny and entertaining videos for your viewing pleasure.

First, the Mom Song.

Arguably one of the funniest calls ever.

Someone sign this person for the circus.

Finally, pure, unadulterated joy in the snow set to Christmas music.

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    It’s hard to imagine the following article helping to raise the stock price, especially at this time of year. ……

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    Bailouts, Dynasties, and Czars…

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    David Oatney and Adam Graham discuss hot issues in this joint edition of the Truth and Hope Report and Oatney on the Air:

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  3. The Pink Flamingo Says:

    The Racist Origins of Immigration Reform…

    Heidi Beirich of the SPLC has been doing some serious research into the background of John Tanton. The SPLC is running a special report on Tanton this month. I highly recommend it.  I’m going to do some quick and dirty links.  Over the next few…..

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    […] 22 December 2008 by Rosemary Over at Carl’s blog, The World According To Carl, he has these three very funny videos. The first one is about this lady who talks as fast as the tune she has chosen to play as she recites her version of her very own poem. She does it very well. It is quite fast, but not to worry. There are words underneath so you may follow along. The Mom. […]



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