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Venezuela Owns Citgo?

Hugo Chavez Citgo

UPDATE (and moved to top):Convenience store chain 7-11 has decided to drop Citgo as its preferred fuel for sale. It appears that this boycott is growing legs and is increasing in scope. About 2,100 of 7-Eleven’s 5,300 U.S. stores sell gasoline.


Here’s something I didn’t know…the gasoline company Citgo is owned by the Venezuelan government and as such is controlled by dictator Hugo Chavez. You remember good ol’ Hugo, dontcha? He’s the guy who’s been calling President Bush “the devil” and supporting evil dictators all over the world. Remember, Chavez is the one who threatened, albeit weakly, that he would attack America if they were provoked. I recently applied for and received a Citgo gas card because the local Circle K convenience stores recently dropped Union 76 and went independent with their fuel. So I needed a gas card for a company that a convenience store nearby sold. And that happened to be Citgo. Now upon learning the Citgo-Chavez connection, I’m cutting up my card and no longer using Citgo. I’ve read a couple of blogs whose owners/authors (whom in the past have shown themselves to be somewhat intelligent) have taken the tact of mindless, vitriolic Bush-bashing. It’s pathetic.

Thanks to Captains Quarters for alerting me about the Citgo-Chavez connection. Other noteworthy blogs with info and links concerning the Citgo-Chavez connection include:

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15 Responses to “Venezuela Owns Citgo?”

  1. jodi Says:

    If being critical of Bush’s foreign policy means you are “anti-American” then I suppose the whole world is anti-American, including 65% or so of Americans. I will ONLY buy my gas at CITGO, so I guess I just canceled out your little boycott (and there are plenty of people like me). Bush can go around calling anyone he feels like a “terrorist”, “axis of evil”, “dictator”, “islamo-fascist” without any proof or explanation, and nobody in this stupid country thinks anything of it. Americans are the biggest hypocrites that ever lived. Funny how when the US government sent in its minions to develop propaganda campaigns for the opposition (rich, corrupt , corporate elites -same as Bush’s base) against Chavez , they ran all kinds of ads calling Chavez “the Devil”. So, it was just a little piece of poetic justice. By the way, Chomsky’s book is in the top 10 Best Sellers on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Maybe America will wake up…I can only dream. We better hope more people start standing up to Bush before he destroys the whole planet. No doubt Chavez’ comments were harsh, but they were certainly wel-deserved (not to mention very effective at getting press — did you hear about anyone else’s speech at the UN????) Oh, that’s right. Nothing anyone else has to say matters to Americans….

  2. Carl Says:

    Jodi, thank you for proving my point concerning extreme liberals who espouse vitriolic, overly-emotional rhetoric with little to no intelligence, logic and rationale. Do you realize that you offered nothing of substance in your comment? Your ignorance concerning Hugo Chavez is telling as is your proud proclamation of support for Citgo. However if ignorance is bliss, then you’re a very happy person.

    However even though we will just have to agree to disagree, I thank you for leaving your comment on my blog.

  3. Andy Says:

    If anyone wants to support Chavez and his gas company, then I gladly support their right to move to Venezuela and get the Hell out of America. And take Alec Baldwin, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, and those Dixie Chicks with you.

  4. Chavez is the Devil Says:

    I will not buy Citgo gas and will tell everyone I know that if they do, they are supporting Hugo Chavez and his wealth to fund anit-American relations with Iran and North Korea.

    Hugo Chavez is dangerous. And we must stop supporting his cause by buying his gas.


  5. Daryl Says:

    I cannot understand how some people do not realize that there are organizations and nations that want to bring down western civilization in general, and the United States in particular. Perhaps Jodi and people like her would like nothing better than to live under the thumb of a little tin “wannabe” dictator like Chavez , where they can be liberated of the burdens of a free society. BOYCOTT CITGO!

  6. flashtime Says:

    This dictator Chavez is a friend of our enemies. Is he a friend of us?? NO. Chavez send free oil to Castro, send money to guerrila, let terrorist to hide in Venezuela. Do you know who want to send uranium to Iran??? . Answer= the ‘devil Cahvez’

  7. Beth Says:

    Someone just told me that Citgo is no longer getting their gas from Chavez. Can this be true? I thought that Venezuela & Chavez actually owned Citgo, so can you please tell me what’s true? Thanks!

  8. Lee Says:

    Jodi, actually you cannot “cancel out the little boycott” at all. You see, there are many more real true patriotic Americans than there are hate-filled anti-Americans such as yourself. That’s why you keep losing elections in America. Did you not notice. Oh, I know, we stole it from you…riiiiight.
    Your problem is nothing more and nothing less than Bush Derangement Syndrome, tinged with a little anti-American liberal brainwashing.
    Even some of the “poor” that Chavez tried to give cheap oil to a couple of weeks ago in America turned him down because of his anti-American stance and war mongering. It seems that having a hard time paying for expensive heating oil was better for these “poor” people than supporting a hate-filled racist idiot. Yet, somehow, you find it in your heart to love him and hate America. Telling, isn’t it.

    And Jodi, just to prove how ignorant you are of your own hipocracy and lunacy, I bet you rail and rail against American oil companies, you know “BIG OIL”, those evil corporate suits. Yet, you have nothing but praise for Chavez owned Citgo. Would you feel more comfortable with American “BIG OIL” if it were owned by the government and therefore under complete control of George Bush. Now, after your self flaggelating hysterical rant you just had from seeing Bush’s name, pick yourself up off the floor and see if you can respond in a coherent intelligent manner.

    You could have saved bandwidth and time by just typing…”I HATE BUSH AND AMERICA”. Because, it took you way too long to say that and we all know that is all you meant to say.

  9. Carl Says:

    Beth, whomever informed you that Venezuela no longer owns Citgo (a subsidiary of PetrĂ³leos de Venezuela S.A., the Venezuelan state-owned petroleum company) is incorrect. The government of Venezuela does indeed own Citgo. And since Hugo Chavez is the President of Venezuela and in the system currently in place hold dictatorial powers over the country, he controls the company.

  10. Fred Jakobcic Says:

    Another bit of US peoples stupidity to buy into this anti-Chavez crap helped along by those favoring US policies of dictating to the World. I could care less if CITGO is owned by Venezuela? So what, why does that matter. As far as I am concerned bush is the idiot in the White House and I do not own CITGO. People should really look at the truth and really try to understand this flag-waving patriotism that is so critical of those who are critical of US policies and real patriotism which believes in the United States but allow for freedom of expression, without be called a traitor or unpatriotic because of criticism of US policies. Issues have more than one-side two them, but to listen to the flag-wavers only their opinions count, and only their opinions are correct…than it of itself makes me and should make all supspicious of them.

  11. C. Han Says:

    Just wanted to say that I am not a U.S. citizen, and I am boycotting Citgo and Chavez. I am boycotting it not because I am pro-Bush but because I cannot bring myself to support a communist leader. I have Venezuela friends whose parents’ businesses are taken away for the ‘good of the common people.’ These are businesses that they have worked hard for, have many sleepless nights over, and now, GONE.
    And guess who is getting my patronage?
    7-Eleven, who has also boycotted Citgo.

  12. Bobby Says:

    It’s sad that what began as such a noble experiment has become an utter failure. Ofcourse I mean the United States. The neoliberal economists, right-wing religious zealots, and the megalomaniacal ultra-rich have aligned in a perfect storm of oppression, using the conservative mid-western blind patriot as their base.

    There is a reason South America is in the state that it is: Western economic pillage aka neoliberal/neocolonial economics.

    Read up on the ‘Chicago Boys,’ and the way the IMF and World Bank were used to steal the resources and land from the people of S.Am. and put them in the hands of rich Western corporations.

    I am not a fool, I am a trained and employed scientist and philosopher and study politics and economics; so don’t call me a crazy liberal or whatever, we’re talking facts here, and they clearly speak for themselves in this case.

    Read ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman.’

    Look what happened to Argentina under the influence of US-backed IMF policies– the real effects of “free trade,” and you’l understand what a great service Chavez did for his people in rejecting NAFTA.. Look how it affected Mexico.
    And look how Chavez has helped Argentina escape:

    More reading on neoliberal policy and South America’s resurgence in a broader context:

    “In fact, the economic failure of the last 25 years is both regional and unprecedented. For Latin America as a whole, income per person — the most basic number that economists have to measure economic progress — has grown by about 1 percent for the first five years of this decade. From 1980 to 2000, it grew by only 9 percent. Compare that to 82 percent for the 1960-1980 period — before most of the neoliberal reforms began — and it is easy to see that this is the worst long-term economic failure in modern Latin American history.” hmm…

    Hugo Chavez represents one of the few glimmers of hope in this world. And you call a man overwhelmingly elected and re-elected by democratic majorities a dictator? A man loved by the public, with countless stories of his policies spreading literacy, health, education, jobs, and access to resources to the people?

    Watch ‘The Revolution will not be Televised.’

    You believe the rhetoric coming from the Bush admin? You think the US has EVER based its policy on the moral legitimacy of a foreign leader? We have supported the WORST dictators on this planet, and still do!

    Here is a story straight from the mouth of a Venezuelan woman whose life has been touched by Chavez’ work:

    And bad-mouthing socialism is your biggest confusion. If you dislike it so much, tell your mother to stop cashing those social security checks. Tell your kids to stop going to school. Stop driving on roads. Stop accepting electricity that is produced by oil (oil subsidies) or hydroelectric dams (Army Corps of Engineers or other public works)… etc… Look what happens when you privatize public works like energy… ENRON!

    It is about time that someone stands up to the rape of their rich continent, and puts the wealth back in the hands of the people, where it should be, and out of the pockets of Western corporations.

    And if you’re going to tell me to leave the US, you can go to hell. This is my country too, and I love the work of our founding fathers like Madison and Jefferson, and I think it’s about time we started listening to them again.

    The corporate elite has a lot to gain from demonizing socialism by spreading lies.. and look how good they are at it? You guys actually think Chavez is ‘dangerous.’ For the good of us all, or at least the people of South America who have suffered so much so we can life the way we do, leave him alone, and let the people life for god’s sake.

  13. Anthony Isola Says:

    Even if the Bush haters are correct, didn’t they hear the expression cutting one’s nose off to spite one’s face? Intentionally buying Citgo is legal treason.


  14. Dave Says:

    As far as this whole blog is concerned, people need to realize that this is a great country. Yes, we do have freedoms of speach as well as choice. I choose to NOT support an ASS like Chavez.

    Bobby: You are what my father referred to as an educated idiot. If you would like an explanation please ask and prove my statement. A glimmer of hope? Your idealistic rhetorec has been proven over and over again to be wrong. There is no ideal world! We are humans with many flaws. The best and most productive and free world exist in this great country. Perfect by no means, but the greatest nation on this earth.

  15. John in Destin Says:

    Please leave your comment with facts so I can make up my own mind with knowledge. For one, how is communism going to help anyone? Hasnt it been proven to be a failure already. How does the oil market work? Why doesnt Chavez just sale his oil to China? Why does it matter if Bush gets called the Devil? It seems to me that this blog is just an internet pissing contest.



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